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GPON solution for hotels and communities 

  • A Future-proof network
  • Redundancy
  • Telecom Grade Efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Provide support for current and emerging content delivery solutions

    Our GPON FTTx solution provides the client with a dedicated fiber optic core to each villa. This means that each villa is connected at a rate of 1.25Gbps, thus the possibilities are endless. The GPON network allows the client to provide the each villa with  TV, Internet, VoIP Services, VoD and so much more. The same network can support services that are key to the hotel  

    operation such as CCTV security, Point of Sale Support and Access control. The Optical Fiber Network solution is a future-proof solution capable of supporting current and future services. Due to its unlimited bandwidth capabilities, this solution is ideal for hospitality infrastructures, whose demands for stable and redundant data services are paramount.

  • Protecting your client from down-time 

    Each node on the network is connected to two different Network ports on the Server side. This is known as Type B Dual Parenting protection. This feature is a fail-safe against hardware failure. The Optical Network Terminal also has two controller cards, thus ensuring safe backup of configurations and quick initialisation in the event of a system failure. 

    The GPON network is fully passive outside the server room and client-side. It uses passive optical splitters, with no need for optical amplifiers*. Active powered equipments are located only in the server room and villa/home. This is ideal for hotels with more than 30 rooms and for community deployments as well. 

  • 99.999% Network Reliability

    The Fiber medium has been used by Telecom companies for years. With the advance in technology and content, standard ethernet connections that were primarily designed to cater for DATA services are unable to provide the necessary bandwidth and level of service needed to deliver services such as multicast IPTV and VOD. GPON takes the opposite approach, it is designed 

    “out of the box” for streaming media applications such as audio and video, and delivering it with 99.999% reliability, as well as accommodating the erratic nature of internet traffic. Furthermore, being telecom grade, integration with ISP and IPTV Content Providers is made in a seamless and cost-effective manner. 

  • Implementing GPON in existing infrastructures

    The components of the GPON solution can be integrated in existing infrastructures currently dependent on copper or coaxial medium for content delivery. This is ideal the case in the hotel industry, where most of the time copper and coaxial mediums can no longer keep up with the demands for high quality content or suffer from degradation due to

    humidity and salinity. The GPON solution allows the hotel industry to achieve true network convergence with all IP devices residing on a single physical Carrier-Grade network. Upgrades to GPON solution can be done seamlessly while client is on the old network and changeover done within hours after new GPON network commissioning.  

How to purchase our GPON Solution

For the GPON Network Migration Solution, follow these steps below to 

Share your interest

Contact us by using the contact form at the footer of this page. Upon receiving your contact information, a Customer Support Agent will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request. The aim of the first contact is to collect as much information as possible for us to begin the network design process. 

Site Survey

Your Customer Support agent will schedule a site survey within one week to collect key site information prior to proceeding with the quotation. Client is advised to submit any site drawings, CAD Site Plans, GIS documents to the agent in order to facilitate Assessment of site.  

Project Proposal

Following site survey and assessment, the information is passed to the Sales Team to begin the Project Proposal phase. The proposal usually includes first drawings for the GPON Network Infrastructure, drawings for any additional structures that might be required as well as technical specifications of the GPON OLTs and client-side MDUs and ONTs. This document also contains the Quotation and delivery timeframe for the project.   

Acceptance and Commencement

Once in agreement of the Network design and Quotation, the service contracts are signed between the Client and us, upon which the payment terms and conditions are applied. 

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