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The Connected Solution

Your home is your investment, thus the need to think ahead when it comes to your security. We have made it even easier for you to secure it today. Our Smart Home Intruder and Security Solutions does much more than the everyday on-shelf solution; From a simple app on your smartphone, receive notifications upon intrusion, or from the electrical appliance you forgot to turn off before leaving home. 

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Real-time alerts

Access your home alarm system on your smartphone. Remote access is made possible through GSM/GPRS or Wi-Fi enabled Home Alarm Controller.  You can even arm and disarm your alarm system remotely as well. 

Added Security

Add other devices such as smoke detectors, gas detectors and glass-break detectors to secure your home even further. Our team of professionals will gladly install and configure your additional devices.

SOS Button

Add an SOS button ideal for kids and the elderly. With a push a button, you will receive a notification on your smart phone, thus reducing reaction time and allowing you to address time-critical situations much faster.

Customer Support

We provide full technical support with our Intruder Alarm Product line to ensure the optimal function of your chosen solution. Our support team is available by email, by phone and online through our forum. 

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