IP CCTV is the preferred Security Solution for larger network Systems requiring high performance  

The IP CCTV solutions allows clients with large network systems to easily secure their premises with a solution that works in tandem with existing infrastructures. The IP CCTV solutions facilitates installation by co-existing with other network equipments and functioning according to the same standards. Through POE, no additional power is required for the this solution.

The IP CCTV solution is also fully scalable and easy to upgrade. With a wide range of available Network Video Recorders, clients can opt for models suitable to their needs. The CCTV cameras are also available in multiple resolutions for 1080p to 4k to ensure that the client gets the video quality they're after. With the advance in video compression, storage of 4k files is no longer a hassle. 


Data recording and storage is made more secure by using RAID data management and Professional hard drives. Data backups can be performed with ease.  IP cameras and NVRs are as robust as the analog solutions. 


As you start adding to an existing surveillance system, the migration to IP cameras is the most logical. IP cameras can be added to an installation with existing analog camera, therefore allowing you to migrate over time. 


The ability to access and view video files from any location in the world via mobile apps and remote clouds, is an obvious benefit of the IP-based video surveillance storage solution. This is achieved whilst ensuring your video data is completely secured. 


Hospitality Sector

Provides security to your property and guests with industry-leading cameras. Our products have also been designed to decrease CCTV intrusiveness.

High Security Facilities

Provides full CCTV coverage in highly sensitive areas such as Prisons, Airports, and Warehouses. Extend coverage to Parking lots and other accessible zones.  

Banking and Finance

Ensure round-the-clock safety for your customers by securing ATMs and vestibules, Main Entrance, Lobby and counters. 

Retail Outlet 

A comprehensive IP system dedicated to security and productivity. It protects staff’s security and assets, and prevents owner’s any loss or internal theft.

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Network Cameras

Our IP CCTV Cameras are available in configurations of  2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP & 8MP. It uses the H265 and H265+ video compression thus occupying a smaller footprint on the hard drive. For additional recording facility, an internal SD card can be installed. 

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Network Video Recorder 2k/4k

We have a wide range of NVRs available in setup of up to 64 devices. The NVRs vary in size (1U to 4U), recording capacity and bandwidth. Our sales agent will advise you on the right NVR for your project according to your selected cameras. 

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Video Management System

This solution makes it easier for the client to interact with the recorded video as well as live video streams. It also allows for the storage of the NVR with sensitive data in a secure location, while security staff can have access to live feeds and recording without accessing the NVR. 

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