Upgrade your TV and Multimedia solution to the Digital IPTV Solution; An amazing interactive TV experience to TV users such as hotel guests.

The Nevron Hospitality TV solution represents a fast, reliable and innovative system that provides entertainment, communication and information TV services in one, easy to use package. The Nevron IPTV system supports an extensive selection of TV apps that enable a range of interactive IPTV services that are necessary to increase the satisfaction of guests/users, enhance profits and reduce operational expenses.
Access to terrestrial, cable or satellite hotel TV and radio channels, VOD - video on demand, Jukebox, PayTV, Games, an Internal portal, TV shop, Welcome messages/videos, Viewing bills, WEB access on TV and OTT services such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook are just some of the IPTV applications (apps) and widgets. 

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IPTV Gateway Solutions Schematic Diagram

All of these TV apps are very engaging and simple to use, while many of them support discreet on-TV-screen promotions for provider/hotel services (wellness, events, casinos, etc). The IPTV hotel guest portal is available in more than 10 languages and the free localization of additional languages is available.

3rd Party Systems; LAN or Coax

Nevron Hospitality TV is composed of various IPTV technologies and could be easily integrated with 3rd party systems such as HIS (Hotel Information System), PMS (Property Management System), billing systems or CDN systems. Furthermore, it can be implemented for various types of network infrastructure, such as cat, coax or fibre-based networks..

Nevron provides a hospitality IPTV system that can be easily adapted for various hospitality industries. Hotel streaming TV, hotel vod or hotel pay TV services accommodate hotel IPTV systems. Nevron supports many different hospitality industries with its most adaptable IPTV solution:

~ accommodation industry: hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas;
~ maritime industry: cargo ships, cruise ships, river ships, oil rigs or ferryboats;
~ healthcare industry: hospitals, retirement homes, dorms and other medical facilities;
~ educational industry: dorms, faculties and other training facilities;
~ residential industry: home users, with IPTV systems run by telco, cable operators or ISP providers. 

Based on its intense development, Nevron provides all the most essential IPTV component for establishing a complete IPTV system: Streamron IPTV Gateway software, Streamron IPTV VOD software and Axon software (Nevron IPTV Middleware), as well as a FaSTBox, Android-based set-top-box. All these components are optimally integrated into the most effective interactive TV system for hotel TV and other industries.